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Several years ago, I was in an IEP meeting at my son's middle school. I had asked that one of his goals be to improve his spelling. The 20 something-year-old caseworker assigned to my son shrugged her shoulders and dismissed my request as unnecessary because of spell-check. Well, for those of us who have experienced those mortifying autocorrect fails, we all know how unreliable that can be.


I was shocked that an educator would suggest that my son not change a thing and instead rely on technology to "fix" his problem. Long story short, I am a Sicilian woman (we may or may not be notorious for our tempers) and a warrior mom of a special needs child, it took one don't f### with me or my son's needs look. Ok, so there may have been some words too but I digress, regardless... The goal was added.


He put in the work and his spelling improved. He did not achieve perfection (which was never the goal anyway) and to this day he continues to learn how to spell but he also continues to improve. He didn't like doing things the "hard way." But ultimately he understood and continues to understand that there are no real gains when you cheat yourself out of "hard work." Read that again and say it louder for those in the back; "there are no real gains when you cheat yourself out of hard work.


"You need to understand that NOTHING changes if NOTHING changes. Sounds simple enough but most don't really get it. You can’t change your circumstances or heal your pain if YOU remain the same. Your daily thoughts and routines keep you in the same old programming. Many times we are just moving about this life in an unconscious state. We know something is missing. We know we feel lost. We know we feel unfulfilled. We know something needs to change and yet... nothing changes. Why? Because it's safe and easy to stay stuck. You are waiting for an auto-correct that isn't coming.


So, how to get from where you are now to where you want to go tomorrow? Do something different. Do that thing that scares the crap out of you. Better yet, stop with the excuses about why you can't heal, grow, achieve a goal and for the love of all there is, go hire a competent life coach or attend a highly recommended personal development seminar. For those of you saying, I can do this myself, my question to you is; how's that working out for you so far? Listen, self-help is certainly possible but consider this, would you hire yourself as a life coach? If the answer is f### no, then you may want to consider somebody else.... Just saying...


If you want something different, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!! Work with someone who will push you beyond your comfort zone towards the goals you say you want to achieve and towards the healing you say you want to have.

Be willing to get uncomfortable and put in the hard work. Growth can be challenging but the discomfort is well worth the long term comfort, peace, and ease.

I may or may not be the right coach for you and that's ok. Keep looking for a coach that is.


Where there is a genuine will, there is a way. Where there are excuses, there is a lack of commitment and a toxic level of comfort in a victim mentality. Plain and simple. I am sure there are a number of examples in your life where you really wanted something and nothing and no one stopped you from getting it. This is no different. Decide, Commit, Work Hard, Achieve. It's not rocket science but it is work and chances are you need support to help push you beyond where you are stuck. Many of the most successful people in the world had and continue to have mentors, trainers, and coaches.


If you are ready to stop relying on autocorrect to fix your life, take a leap of faith and schedule your free consultation today or don't even hesitate, sign up for one of my upcoming personal development seminars. It's either time to stop making excuses or it's time to bring the same old crap into another year. You decide.

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