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Inner Child Healing Retreat 2024

Inner Child Healing Retreat 2024

Mindfulness Workshop details:


Inner Child Healing


One of the worst things we can experience is having our childhood stolen from us. Regrettably, a lot of us can relate to having experienced the agony of trauma, abuse, loss, difficulty, stress, and undiagnosed and untreated disabilities and illnesses as children.


You will be led through a powerful experience that will help you release deep emotional trauma, blockages, and pain. Utilizing the three pillars of mindfulness, focused attention, open awareness, and kind intention, you will learn to let go of the emotions and heaviness that are associated with negative childhood experiences and recapture the innocence of childhood joy.  


What a powerful thing it is to be free...  Once your emotional wounds begin the process of healing, you release the pain and embrace the lesson learned from the experience. Then you learn to use that lesson as a powerful resource moving forward. 



🌟 What to Expect:

  • Mindfulness Meditation: Experience the profound healing power of mindfulness meditation 
  • Nature's Nurture: Immerse yourself in the tranquil landscapes of Cape Cod, where nature itself becomes a source of healing and inspiration.
  • Journaling and Self-Reflection: Dive deep into your inner world through journaling and self-reflective exercises designed to heal and nurture your inner child.
  • Play: Rediscover the joy of playtime 
  • Guided Reparenting: Learn how to reparent your wounded inner child with the guidance of an experienced facilitator.


✨ Why Choose My Retreat:

  • 🌟 Expert Facilitator: My mindfulness and inner child healing experts are dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing space for your transformation.
  • 🏝️ Idyllic Location: Cape Cod's natural beauty and serene environment offer the perfect backdrop for inner healing.
  • Tailored Program: My program is thoughtfully designed to combine mindfulness practices with playful activities, ensuring a holistic healing experience.
  • ❤️ Supportive Community: Connect with like-minded individuals on a similar journey towards healing and self-discovery.

🌅 Early Bird Special: Register before January 1, 2024, and enjoy an exclusive early bird discount. $1550.00 (Reg price $1750)


Don't miss this opportunity to heal your wounded inner child, find inner peace, and embrace a life filled with self-compassion and joy. Limited spots are available. Reserve yours now!



10/04 - 10/08


10/04/24- Check in by 4 pm - Orientation, Dinner, Group meditation/free time  

10/05/24 - Breakfast, Workshop, Lunch, Dinner, Group meditation

10/06/24-  Breakfast, Lunch, Workshop, Seafood Feast

10/07/24 - Breakfast, Workshop, Lunch, free time, Dinner, Group meditation/free time

10/08/24 - Breakfast, checkout by 10 am  


$1750.00 total tuition price

Tuition includes:

-Luxurious accommodations at either the beach house or the lake house. (you might have a roommate)  The workshop will take place at the lake house. You will be provided transportation between the homes. They are about 15 minutes apart by car. 

-All meals, snacks, and beverages 



A deposit of $100.00 is due to reserve. Non-refundable 10 days after you submit it.

The second payment is due on 3/4/24, the balance is due by 9/2/24. Non-refundable 10 days after you submit payments.


Pay in full upfront and receive a free 60-minute reading or life coaching session with Verna. To pay in full, please message Verna directly at 4845293564 or








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