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60 minute virtual mediumship reading (single person)

60 minute virtual mediumship reading (single person)

This Reading is for ONE person and is done virtually. $50.00 for each additional person with a 3-person limit. 


The session is done via Zoom 



You must pay in advance to reserve your date. A refund will be issued if Verna cannot read you or if she must cancel your session. 


Intuitive readings: 

Verna is not a mind reader, psychic, or fortune teller.   She has the ability to read people’s energy.  It is an ability she developed and nurtured by paying attention to what people say or what they don’t say, by reading body language, and by learning how to interpret the frequency that is emitted by the energy of the person she is reading.    Every living thing is made up of energy that connects us all.  Energy gives off a specific frequency depending upon its state.  When Verna gives an "Intuitive Reading" she is essentially telling you what you already know but you are not trusting yourself enough to believe.  Your lack of trust keeps you from being able to proceed or make a decision.  Intuitive readings are helpful when our overactive minds get in the way of our hearts’ desires.  Verna is always happy to offer intuitive readings but with a caveat:  Your life is your responsibility, not hers. She can offer you guidance and tell you what she feels, but ultimately it is up to you to make the needed changes in your life or to make decisions based on what you have heard.  She will often see possibilities and outcomes, but without action, you cannot expect results.  An intuitive reading is about receiving spiritual guidance. Clients ask questions about various issues or areas of life where they want guidance. While Verna does provide impressions regarding issues, she is not a medical intuitive or a physician. Clients are responsible for seeking professional medical advice and will indemnify Verna and hold her harmless for any impression provided.

Intuitive readings can be given over the phone, or via a video chat platform, 

Video chat and over-the-phone readings must be paid for in advance.


Mediumship Readings

Verna facilitates communication between the spirit world and the living. Spirit communicates with her through symbols and sensations, which she has learned to translate over time.  It is kind of like a psychic game of charades.  They know everything she has experienced and will replay a memory or experience from her past that may be similar to the message they want to send.  They creatively communicate by sending impressions using all of her senses.  


Legal Disclaimer and Terms of Service for Readings. By scheduling a reading, or communicating with Verna M Lisa, and/or paying for any reading that Verna M Lisa offers, you are stating that you have read this legal disclaimer and Verna M Lisa's terms of service, that you understand and willingly enter into and agree the following: 

1. That you are 18 years or older. Use of this site and service implies that you declare yourself to be 18 or older. 

2.100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Nothing is set in stone and your personal actions and those of others can alter your life path. 

3. By agreeing to receive a reading, you agree that your consultation whether purchased for yourself or received as a gift is subject to your own interpretation. Any and all communication or consultations with Verna M Lisa are for spiritual and inspirational purposes only. It is not intended to, nor should it ever take the place of any medical, financial, business, legal, psychological or other professional advice. Verna M Lisa will not accept any responsibility whether directly or indirectly for any choices, thoughts, decisions, or actions taken by anyone based on any requested reading, and/or information contained within this site. You agree to completely hold Verna her and website from any and all liabilities and expenses. 

4. You have had the opportunity to ask questions and fully understand and of your own free will choose to enter into this legally binding disclaimer and all stated terms of service.

5. If at the time of your reading you appear intoxicated or under the influence, your session will be canceled. If you are attending a group you will be asked to leave and no refund will be offered to you. 

6. If Verna M Lisa gets any sense that you are mentally/emotionally unstable at the time of your reading, your session will be immediately terminated.





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