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Group Reading General Admission Ticket    Friday 12-13-2024    7 pm - 10 pm

Group Reading General Admission Ticket Friday 12-13-2024    7 pm - 10 pm

Building a Bridge between Realms!


Join us for an extraordinary evening of connection and healing. 

Hosted by renowned intuitive medium and life coach, Verna M Lisa. 

This event marks her final farewell group reading, promising a memorable and transformative experience.


Through her gentle and compassionate approach mixed with a bit of humor, Verna will guide you through an immersive experience, bridging the realms between worlds. With her intuitive gifts, she creates a sacred space where loved ones from the spirit world can reach out to offer messages of validation, love, guidance, and comfort. 


Whether you're seeking closure, guidance, or simply the comfort of knowing your loved ones are still with you,  this event offers an opportunity to build the bridge between realms.  


Join us as we come together in love and light to honor the eternal bonds that connect us all.


General Admission Event includes:

Friday 12-13-2024    7 pm - 10 pm


The Ritual Spot
2619 Leisczs Bridge Rd 
Leesport, PA 19533


7:00 pm - 7:30 pm -  Discuss Verna's new book "Musings of a Medium", and Q&A.

7:30 pm - 8:00 pm - Break 

8:00 pm - 9:30 pm - Group Reading

9:30 pm - 10:00 pm - Book signing and mingling 


Things to keep in mind:

It's vital to maintain an open mind and release expectations tied to specific individuals coming through during the readings. Spirit communication is fluid and unpredictable, often guided by the energies present in the room and the messages most needed by those in attendance. By relinquishing fixation on a particular person, we invite spirit to deliver messages that may hold unexpected insights or healing for ourselves and others. Embrace the beauty of surrendering to the divine flow of spirit, knowing that the messages we receive are precisely what our souls need to hear in that moment.


A reading during the group is not guaranteed.  Additionally, if the message isn't directly meant for you, it still holds profound significance in the realm of spiritual connection. Every message carries energy and insight that resonates beyond its intended recipient, offering wisdom and understanding to all who listen. By opening your heart and mind to the collective experience, you may find unexpected clarity, guidance, or validation in the messages shared. Embrace the opportunity to bear witness to the transformative power of spirit communication, knowing that every word spoken carries the potential to touch your soul, and perhaps even heal your broken heart. 


Your receipt is your ticket.


Please keep the following in mind:

Verna is not a mind reader, psychic, or fortune teller. She has the ability to read people’s energy. It is an ability she developed and nurtured by paying attention to what people say or what they don’t say, by reading body language, and by learning how to interpret the frequency that is emitted by the energy of the person she is reading.


Every living thing is made up of energy that connects us all.  Energy gives off a specific frequency depending upon its state.  When Verna gives an "Intuitive Reading" she is essentially telling you what you already know but perhaps are not trusting yourself enough to believe.  Your lack of trust keeps you from being able to proceed or make a decision.  Intuitive readings are helpful when our overactive minds get in the way of our heart’s desires.  Verna is always happy to offer intuitive readings but with a caveat:  Your life is your responsibility, not hers. She can offer you guidance and tell you what she feels, but ultimately it is up to you to make the needed changes in your life or to make decisions based on what you have heard.  She will often see possibilities and outcomes, but without action, you cannot expect results.  An intuitive reading is about receiving spiritual guidance. While Verna does provide impressions regarding health-related issues, she is not a medical intuitive or a physician. Clients are responsible for seeking professional medical advice and will indemnify Verna and hold her harmless for any impression provided.


Verna facilitates communication between the spirit world and the living. Spirit communicates with her through symbols and sensations, which she has learned to translate over time. This will be explained in more detail at your session. 


Feel free to provide photos and a few items of loved ones in spirit you wish to connect with. 


Video recording is NOT permitted 

You may audio record. 

Note-taking is encouraged. 

Posting your recording on any social media is strictly prohibited.


Please come prepared with questions. Questions should be intuitive in nature. Intuitive questions are included in your mediumship reading. 






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